Rise and Shine!

Need an early morning pick-me-up? We are loving this delicious vegan toast by @theveganasian, layering:

·      Vegan chocolate spread: We love this recipe by The Minimalist Baker for vegan and gluten-free Nutella – only four ingredients! Click here for the full recipe.  

·      Hazelnut butter: We’re partial to Dastony’s organic raw hazelnut butter.

·      Bananas: A great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, potassium, dietary fiber and biotin.

·      Fruit Bliss Apricots: We use only the best, sun dried, organic fruit and steam them so that they’re delicious and juicy. No sulfur dioxide!

·      Pumpkin Fig Granola: We love Purely Elizabeth’s Pumpkin Fig Ancient Grain Granola, made with pumpkin seeds and figs.

·      Quinoa Puffs: Make your own quinoa puffs by popping pieces of quinoa in the oven to toast. The result is an added crunchy texture and a whole grain to beat.

·      Pecans: This delicious nut is high in healthy unsaturated fat and contain more than 19 vitamins and minerals.

Use some or all of the above ingredients – or add some of your own! – and enjoy a slice or two of this mouthwatering toast, perfect for breakfast or an easy snack. 

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