Our Fruit & Orchards

We believe that the very best fruits come from their country of origin. The soil, the climate, the knowledge that the farmers have is evident in every piece of lusciously ripe fruit. We searched for the very best regions, producing the very best organic varieties of the fruits that we offer. Apricots, dates, figs and plums are all seasonal fruits that are picked fresh for Fruit Bliss.


Continuing in the French tradition for exceptional taste, the Agen plum has been part of the culinary heritage in Southwestern France for centuries; prized for its natural tenderness and distinct flavor. In 2002, the European Union officially recognized the Agen plum, granting it a protected geographical designation. Today there is considerable production of Ente plums, the only variety that can be used to make dried plums entitled to the Agen designation. When we decided to offer plums, Agen was the only variety we would consider for Fruit Bliss.


Apricots are grown throughout most of Turkey with half of the crop being produced in the Central Eastern Anatolia region. This relative of the peach has an ancient lineage which reaches back over 5,000 years to China. Growing on the sun-drenched hills, Turkish apricots are known for their velvety sweetness.  This natural sweetness is what makes Fruit Bliss apricots taste so distinctly different.

Figs have been growing in Turkey for thousands of years. Classified as being part of the Mulberry family, Turkish figs are primarily grown in the provinces of Aydin and Izmir situated close to the Aegean Sea. Turkey is regarded as being the largest producer of figs in the world and their figs are lauded for their high quality. Once you bite into a Fruit Bliss fig, you can appreciate the heritage that makes these figs so special.


Deglet Nour Dates are grown in Tunisia and neighboring Algeria. Dates may just be man’s oldest cultivated fruit and what distinguish the Deglet Noor from all other dates is its characteristic soft touch, a translucent blonde color and a creamy caramel-like taste. When you think of these dates you need to imagine oases in the Sahara Desert where they are grown. Tropical sun on the palms and cool, clear water at the roots produce dates of superb quality. One bite of a Fruit Bliss creamy, soft date and you will understand.